14 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out isn’t as simple as it sounds. It can be tough, but once done, it can be the start of a wonderful relationship. Finding cute ways to ask a girl out is the very first step of the process, and I’m here to help. Below are my fourteen best ideas for asking a girl out – the cute way!


1. Be Straightforwardguy1

This is the most basic of them all, but one of the cutest ways to ask a girl out is to confront her when appropriate and be completely straightforward with her. Stand up tall, talk clearly, and speak with confidence. Tell her how you feel, and be honest! The more confident you are, the better this will reflect on your proposal.



2. Buy Tickets to Her Favorite Band


If you’re planning on asking a girl out, chances are, you have her on a  social media website like      Facebook or Twitter. If this is the case, try  your best to find her favorite bands and musicians.  Use Google or other search engines to find upcoming live events featuring her favorite artist.  Once you find an event, buy two tickets – one for you, and one for her!  Ask her in person as soon  as you  get the chance.



3. Be Her Next Dateprom

Find an opportunity to ask her on a date to a formal event.

For example, if you both attend school, you can ask her to prom.


4. Think outside the Box



Be creative when thinking of cute ways to ask a girl out. A great example is leaving a  few Hershey’s Kisses for her with a written note that says “I expect one back. ;)” with a  smiley face to show her you’re being flirtatious. If she thinks it’s cute, she’ll    reciprocate!




5. Valentine’s Dayvday

If it’s that time of the year, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to make her your girl. Buy her some flowers, chocolate, and maybe a gift that reflects her interests. Have them delivered, leave them for her, or confront her with a bundle. Be ready to confess your feelings. As long as she’s single, this is sure to charm her!



6. Send Flowers



Nothing shows the ladies that you care by sending flowers! Have a local  company deliver flowers to her when she’s at home. When in doubt, go for    roses. Make sure to right a note leaving your name and number.


7. Be Subtlesub

Slow and steady wins the race! One of the best cute ways to ask a girl out is to give her small, daily hints that you really are the one for her. Do something nice for her once a day, such as showing up with an iced coffee before her work day or simply smiling and complementing her the next time you see each other. Be subtle, and slowly she’ll get the message. Chances are, if she’s still letting you stick around, she wants to see more of you!



8. Arrange an Appointment


This one might be considered a little cheesy, but it’s still cute. Print out or sketch a fake appointment form, such as one you would see at a doctor’s office. Write down what you want to do on your first date, when you want to, and what time. Write down your number so she can let you know that she approves.



9. Share Interestssm

Add her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter or another social media network. From there, you can explore her interests and get to know her from a distance. Once you feel comfortable about her tastes and personality, confront her and talk about some of the interests you and her share. Spark some flair to the conversation and keep it going. The more you can keep it going, the cuter she’ll find you. Make her fall for you with words alone!


10. Play Hangman



This is another one of my top cute ways to ask a girl out — play hangman! The  goal is to get her to solve “will you go on a date” or something similar to that  question. At first, she’ll think you’re just killing time. Soon enough, she’ll realize  your true intentions.




11. Fortune CookieFC

Give her a fortune cookie. She won’t know what to think of it at first, but once she opens it, she’ll read the note you secretly slipped in the cracks of the cookie. This one is sure to work!



12. Record a Song


This takes a lot of creativity, but record a song that captures the feelings you  have for her – whether through vocals or pure melody. Make sure she knows  it’s coming from you. Send it through a social media website like SoundCloud,  or be old school about it and play it right in front of her! This takes pure  confidence, but she’ll realize that right away and fall for you.





13. Spoil Herf

It’s the thought that counts. Buy inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts for the girl you’re aiming for. Gifts can range anywhere from chocolates to a Build-A-Bear toy with  her name on it.




14. Be LOUD & Proud

loud This one can seem daunting to some, but it’s straight to the point and proven  to work. If you attend the same school, announce over speakerphone that  you want to go on a date with your girl of choice. If you’re thinking of  something on a smaller scale, have a local flower delivery company show up  to her job or class with flowers and a card. Ask her on a date, and remember  to leave your phone number!



There you have it — my fourteen ideas of cute ways to ask a girl out. These haven’t been fully tested, but that’s the point! The more original it is, the cuter she’ll think you are. Take the ideas presented to you here and put your own creative twist on them. The first time might not work, so keep trying! The more you attempt to find the right one for you, the better you’ll get at it. Good luck!

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